TuMe is more than a sports water.

Team TuMe is comprised of a family of athletes, doctors, and scientists. Together we combine science with ancient Ayurveda medicine, aka “science of life,” to bring a sports water unlike any other sports drink. We were tired of the typical sugary sports drinks, overpriced juices, and water with no added benefits, so we set out to create something better, and reinvented sports drinks for the modern athlete. 

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A Note From Our Founder

We created TuMe for athletes everywhere, and we are bringing the benefits of turmeric to everyone. 

It matters what's inside, and turmeric is what's in our heart, mind, and every bottle of TuMe; powering us in the pursuit of promoting physical and mental wellness.

Shaina Zaidi, CoFounder

"Our vision is to inspire people to be active, while supporting mental and physical well being."

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Our Mission

To provide innovative, healthier, delicious, turmeric-based beverages; making the benefits of turmeric more accessible and inclusive, while promoting mental and physical wellness.

Be YOU. #TrueTuME

Our community is diverse, inclusive, honest and connected.
Being true to yourself “true tu me” means that you don’t live by someone else’s standards or rules, you live as your authentic self, without compromise.

Just be you. Join the conversation; join the team. #TrueTuMe

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